Mentor Sweden: mentorship for young people

Mentor Sverige (Mentor Sweden, see their website here) is working with the TEAMS project in Järvaskolan in conjunction with Stockholm University. Mentor Sweden is a non-profit organisation that provides mentorship for young people. A mentor is a role model that provides knowledge, inspiration and encourage youth to discover their path towards a healthy and bright future. Mentor Sweden aims to provide inspiring footprints to follow, broadens horizons, enhances networks and accelerates untapped potential. Through the powerful tool of mentorship, Mentor Sweden works to give young people stronger self-esteem, increased self-reliance and more faith in the future. Together with committed companies, schools and adults, Mentor Sweden implements programs for young people, provides support to parents, disseminates knowledge and forms opinions. Mentor Sweden and the TEAMS project have similar interests connected to how collaboration within and outside of the school can support young people with school achievements, as well as being a support outside of school and for future dreams. Mentor Sweden’s role in the TEAMS project is to take part in knowledge exchange and dissemination activities where we are engaged in a mutual learning process. Mentor Sweden have many interesting articles on their website, including How Mentor Supports Youth to Impact and Accelerate Tomorrow’s Society (see here) – a Q&A with their Secretary General, an interview with a mentor and a mentee on the mentorship (see here), and resources, programs, and projects for Swedish schools (see here).