Living in multicultural schools: Handbook for teachers

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This Handbook for Teachers is created based on the research outcomes from the European project “MiCreate: Migrant Children and Communities in a Transforming Europe”. It aims to provide educators working in multicultural schools with a series of practices to use or adapt. This handbook can be found in English, Spanish, Catalan, Polish, Slovenian, German and […]

Agents of Change toolkit to address migrant integration

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The Agents of Change Toolkit (ACToolkit) facilitates schools and educators acting as agents of change to achieve the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs). It is designed to help educators everywhere: a) build sustainable UN SDG-related improvements into their local plans; b) identify relevant expertise and work with other players within and beyond schools to implement change projects; and c) evaluate the impact of change processes and outcomes. The toolkit guides users through a structured, 5-step process to plan, implement, and evaluate change in an engaging and accessible way. There are four main themes in the toolkit: migrant integration, Covid renewal, inclusion and equality, and sustainability, but also a fifth theme for anything else, as schools and organisations are free to pick their own project.

The Helsinki Reflexive Tool: to help support and teach newly arrived migrant pupils

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The tool helps train teachers to support and teach Newly Arrived Migrant Pupils (NAMS) effectively, and provide schools with teachers who have a better understanding of ethnic-cultural diversity and who possess the skills to develop the right incentives regarding the personal development of the children.

Scotdec: promoting Global Citizenship Education

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Scotdec is a charity that works to promote Global Citizenship Education. Founded in 1986, Scotdec has been supporting Global Citizenship Education for nearly 30 years. Scotdec’s vision is that young people in Scotland are able and motivated to challenge global inequality – creating a fairer future for all. Scotdec works with educators – supporting them […]

PLURAL+ Youth Video Festival on Migration, Diversity and Social Inclusion

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For those teachers interested in working on diversity issues through film, Plural+ Film Festival organised by the IOM and Goldsmiths Film Festival provides several films that explore this topic. This resource can be useful for art teachers and students searching for inspiration for filmmaking projects at school.

Policy Brief: Effects of the ‘Corona Crisis’ on Migrant Children and their Integration

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Cover of Effects of the ‘Corona Crisis’ on Migrant Children and their Integration policy brief
‘Policy Brief: Effects of the ‘Corona Crisis’ on Migrant Children and their Integration‘ made by MiCreate Project is a document that can be useful for teachers and researchers. In it, there are insights about how the pandemic situation is affecting migrant children through Europe.

The Journey

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In writing this book, Francesca Sanna asked many people to tell her about their experiences of leaving their homes and travelling through many lands, facing difficulties and dangers. Do you have a story?