We wish to create a community on these pages, to bring together all who are interested and involved in the lives and experiences of young migrants. Whether you are a young person in school, college or in work, a teacher in school, a parent or carer at home, active in the community, involved in research, or if your life is affected in any way by the issues around the lives of young migrants, this is your page.

Here we will put up links and resources and a visual record of the project, and the stories, photographs and creative work done by young migrant students and their teachers and supporters, as part of our research and activities, but this is also your space, and we wish to hear from you.

If you have a story to tell and share with others, be that in word, art work or photography, about your experience, please contact us though the form to be found at the foot of the page, and we will be in touch with you with further information.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Creative Student Work
External resources

This section shares link and resources. We would love to hear about any resources or events connected to migrant education. Please share them by filling in the contact form.

The Journey

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Book cover of The Journey
In writing this book, Francesca Sanna asked many people to tell her about their experiences of leaving their homes and travelling through many lands, facing difficulties and dangers. Do you have a story?

This section presents creative work done by school students as part of the project. Students who participate in our workshops will have an opportunity to show their video or other artefacts on this page.

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On this page we share resources that teachers, researchers, policymakers, schools or other interested organisations might find useful for their work. You are welcome to share any resources you or your organisation has produced by getting in touch using the contact form.

Equality and Diversity Hub, The General Teaching Council (GTC) for Scotland

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Publications: Books
This Equality and Diversity Hub is developed by the GTC Scotland to share the resources that support teachers’ professional learning (and not learning and teaching resources for the classroom). By gaining greater knowledge and...

Learning spaces for inclusion and social justice: Success stories from immigrant students and school communities in four Nordic countries

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Learning spaces for inclusion and social justice is a Nordic research project which was conducted in Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden in 2013-2015. The project drew lessons from success stories of individual immigrant students...

‘The Journey’ by Francesca Sanna

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Book cover of The Journey
‘The Journey‘ is a beautifully illustrated book introduces a powerful and moving perspective on migration for readers of all ages. Told through the eyes of a young girl, the story explores the unimaginable decisions...

Technology-enhanced foreign and second-language learning of Nordic languages (TEFLON)

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Technology-enhanced foreign and second-language learning of Nordic languages (TEFLON) project develops language-learning games for migrant students game in Nordic languages (Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian).

Policy Brief: Effects of the ‘Corona Crisis’ on Migrant Children and their Integration

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Cover of Effects of the ‘Corona Crisis’ on Migrant Children and their Integration policy brief
‘Policy Brief: Effects of the ‘Corona Crisis’ on Migrant Children and their Integration‘ made by MiCreate Project is a document that can be useful for teachers and researchers. In it, there are insights about...

PLURAL+ Youth Video Festival on Migration, Diversity and Social Inclusion

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For those teachers interested in working on diversity issues through film, Plural+ Film Festival organised by the IOM and Goldsmiths Film Festival provides several films that explore this topic. This resource can be useful...

Scotdec: promoting Global Citizenship Education

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Scotdec is a charity that works to promote Global Citizenship Education. Founded in 1986, Scotdec has been supporting Global Citizenship Education for nearly 30 years. Scotdec’s vision is that young people in Scotland are...

The Helsinki Reflexive Tool: to help support and teach newly arrived migrant pupils

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The tool helps train teachers to support and teach Newly Arrived Migrant Pupils (NAMS) effectively, and provide schools with teachers who have a better understanding of ethnic-cultural diversity and who possess the skills to...

Mentor Sweden: mentorship for young people

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Mentor Sverige (Mentor Sweden) is working with the TEAMS project in Järvaskolan in conjunction with Stockholm University. Mentor Sweden is a non-profit organisation that provides mentorship for young people.