Workshops for teachers, academics, and other professionals

The significant increase in young migrant students over recent years presents new challenges in education. Our online workshops with teachers, academics, and other professionals to discuss the issues, and to demonstrate imaginative and innovative ways that teachers and professionals can work with migrant students, enabling them to fully participate in school communities and engage in learning.

The workshops will also encourage discussion and sharing of practice through interaction with education professionals from other schools and countries.

If you are interested in hearing more, please get in touch with our outreach coordinator.

Our art and filmmaking workshops aim to:

  • allow students to tell their experiences in creative ways,
  • work with our professional filmmaker to realise their ideas,
  • allow collaboration with subject teachers (arts, history, geography and literature), and
  • explore cross-curricular themes of migration and identity.

We can also help organise exhibitions and discussion of students’ artworks in school or online exhibitions.

If you are interested in hearing more, please get in touch with our outreach coordinator.

Introduction to TEAMS project for school staff

These were for schools who expressed an interest in participation, we:

  • conducted workshops to introduce the research, giving background about migration in Scotland, Finland, and Sweden,
  • discussed the project aims and purposes, as well as details of the research plan, and
  • shared information about the different aspects and activities of our project with schools.

If you are interested in hearing more, please get in touch with our outreach coordinator.

Seminar talk on TEAMS Project findings, Stockholm University

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Date : 4 October 2023 - 4 October 2023
Dr Natasa Pantic participated in a seminar at the Sociology Department at the University of Stockholm on 4th October.

ECER 2023

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Featured image of Pantic's blog 'Teaching that Matters for Migrant Students'
Date : 22 August 2023 - 26 August 2023
Dianne Cantali (University of Dundee) and Nataša Pantić presented a workshop at the ECER conference (European Conference on Educational Research) in Glasgow on 22nd-26th August.

EARLI 2023

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Date : 22 August 2023 - 26 August 2023
Researchers from TEAMS participated in a Symposium at the EARLI (The European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction) conference from 22nd to 26th August 2023 in Thessaloniki, Greece.

EARLI 2021

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Date : 23 August 2021 - 27 August 2021
Dr Nataša Pantić and Dr Marc Sarazin gave a presentation at the EARLI (European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction) Conference 2021.

Presentation at Lund University

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Date : 3 February 2022 - 3 February 2022
On 3rd February 2022, Anna Lund, Ali Osman and Stefan Lund gave a presentation at Lund University titled "Municipality Strategies for Integrated Schools: Imposed desegregation of schools for transformative social change".

ASA Conference 2022

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Date : 5 August 2022 - 10 August 2022
Anna Lund and Stefan Lund presented at the American Sociological Association's 117th Annual Meeting, held in Los Angeles in August 2022. Their presentation was titled "Inequality, unfairness and lack of social cohesion: school desegregation...

BERA 2022

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Date : 8 September 2022 - 8 September 2022
Dianne Cantali, Silvia de Riba and Natasa Pantic presented at BERA (British Educational Research Association) 2022 during a Hot Topic session.

ECER 2022 Presentation

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Date : 22 August 2022 - 10 September 2022
During ECER (European Conference on Educational Research) 2022, Anna Lund and Didem Oral presented a session on inclusive education titled "Mother Tongue Instruction: Between Assimilation and Multicultural Incorporation".

Presentation to UNICEF Education Team (co-organised with the City of Bratislava) at Bratislava Teachers Conference

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Date : 22 November 2022 - 22 November 2022
Dr Nataša Pantic presented TEAMS research on migrant education (with a specific focus on response to receiving refugees from Ukraine) to teachers in Bratislava on Tuesday 22nd November 2022.

SEALCC and SATEAL presentations

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Date : 1 February 2023 - 14 July 2023
Between February and July 2023, Dr Tom Richardson delivered a number of online talks to the Scottish English as an Additional Language Coordinating Committee (SEALCC) and the Scottish Association for Teaching English as an...

TEAMS presentation to North of England EAL consortium

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Date : 5 June 2023 - 5 June 2023
On the 5th June, 2023, 15 EAL teachers representing the following local authorities (LAs) across the north of England: Durham, North & South Tyneside, Gateshead, Northumberland, Newcastle and Sunderland, attended an online TEAMS knowledge...

Swedish National Agency for Education (Skolverket) 2023

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Date : 23 May 2023 - 23 May 2023
Professor Anna Lund, Dr Tuire Palonen and Dr Natasa Pantic presented the findings of the TEAMS project to the Swedish National Agency for Education (Skolderket) on 23rd May 2023.

Presentation: The role of teachers and (inter)professional cooperation in integrating migrants into the school community: examples from the international team survey – Scotland, Sweden, Finland

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Date : 12 July 2023 - 12 July 2023
Natasa Pantic delivered a presentation about the TEAMS project to the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at the Universities of Rijeka, Croatia on 12th July 2023.

Glasgow City EAL Event 2023

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Date : 21 June 2023 - 21 June 2023
Natasa Pantic and Tom Richardson presented at the Glasgow City EAL (English as an Additional Language) 'core event' for EAL teachers and other staff on 21st June 2023.

ECER 2022 Symposium

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Date : 2 September 2022 - 2 September 2022
The research team presented a symposium online titled 'Migrant Students Integration in Different Education Systems: Benefits and Pitfalls of Universalist and Targeted Approaches' at the European Conference of Educational Research (ECER) 2022.

SERA Inclusive Education Seminar

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Date : 14 June 2023 - 14 June 2023
Natasa Pantic and Tom Richardson presented at an online SERA (Scottish Educational Research Association) Inclusive Education seminar on 14th June 2023.

Internal TEAMS seminar: Overview of TEAMS project and update after wave 1

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Date : 18 October 2021
Time : 10:00 am - 11:30 am
On Monday 18 October 2021, the TEAMS team met to discuss the progress of the project and the data collected during wave 1. The day began with an overview and recap of the TEAMS...

Seminar for teachers working in multi-lingual contexts

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Aleks Marinkovic via
Date : 7 May 2021
Time : 1:00 pm - 3:30 pm
On Friday 7th May 2021 at 13:00-15:30 (UK Time), 14:00-16:30 (Sweden), 15:00-17:30 (Finland) we hosted an online seminar for participating schools, aimed at teachers working in multi-lingual contexts, with experts from each of the...

Teaching that Matters for Migrant Students – Understanding Levers of Integration in Scotland, Finland and Sweden: A Cross-country Perspective

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Featured image of Pantic's blog 'Teaching that Matters for Migrant Students'
Date : 3 November 2020
Time : 12:30 pm - 2:00 pm
Experts from Scotland, Finland and Sweden participating in the ‘TEAMS’ research project gave an overview of the education of young migrant students of secondary school age, in their country.

Online video exhibition of filmmaking workshops

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An online video exhibition was created following filmmaking workshops undertaken by students in 2022.